Overview of Costa Rica

Official name: Republik Costa Rica (República de Costa Rica) 

Size: 51.100 km
Timezone: MET -7h, during the Summer periode -8h
Capital: San José
Citizen: 4,3 Mio., approx. 95% descendants of european Imigrants, approx. 5% Africans, Asians and Indigenous; 300.000 nicaraguan Imigrants

Population: 85 Residents/km²
Population growth: 1,52%
Government: Costa Rica is a democratic Presidential Republic. Die Verfassung von 1949 sieht u.a. die Gewaltenteilung und das allgemeine Wahlrecht ab 18 Jahre vor.

President: Laura Chinchilla (PLN) since May 2011
Administration Structure: Centralised, with Central Government in San José, 81 Cantonese, 329 Districts

Max. Extension: North-South 464km, East-West 259Km
Coast length: Pacific1020Km, Atlantic 210Km
Highest Point: Cerro Chirripo Grande 3820m
Largest River : Rio Grande de Terraba (196Km)
Languages: Spanish, Patois, locale Indigeneuos dialects and languages

Religion: 85% catholic, 8% protestant, others
Analphabeth rate: 5%
Economy: Tourism, Textil industry, Bananas, Coffee, ornamental plants, tropical fruits, fish

Currency: Colon (C) 1 € = approx. 601 Colones 1 US$ = approx.. 529 Colones current Exchange:
National Flower: Guaria Morada
National Tree: Guanacaste
National Bird: Simple Throttle

Flagg: The today national flag of Costa Rica regards to the year, when Costa Rica went into its own independence country. The color of its flag was taken from the model of the French “tricolor” in combination with the blue-white-blue flag from the federation of Central America, which still is used today from El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. In its center was added a broadly red stripe, and above of it the national coat.

1st January, 19th March (day of St.- Joseph), 11th April (day of Juan Santamaria), Green Thursday and Friday, 1st May, 29th June, 25th July, 2nd August, 15th September (Independence day), 12th October (Columbus day), 8th December, 24th and 25th December


Costa Rican Embassy in London:

Flat 1
14 Lancaster Gate,
London W2 3LH.
Tel:  (020) 7706 8844     Fax:  (020) 7706 8655
Website:  http://costarica.embassyhomepage.com/

 waterfallCosta Rican Embassy in USA:

Embassy of Costa Rica in Washington, DC
2114 “S” Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Phone: (202) 234-2945 and (202) 234-2946
Fax: (202) 265-4795
Web:  http://www.costarica-embassy.org
Office hours:
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Monday – Friday)

Consulate of Costa Rica in Washington, DC
2112 “S” Street, NW

Washington, DC 20008
Phone: (202) 328-6628
Fax: (202) 234-6950
e-mail:  consulate@costarica-embassy.org
Web:  http://www.costarica-embassy.org
Open to the public:
10:00 am to 1:00 pm